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5 Tips To Making High Caffeine Coffee

5 Tips To Making High Caffeine Coffee

Looking to get an extra pep in your morning step? Need a boost to get through a tough project? Want to enjoy a cognitive lift?

Whatever the reason, you want more caffeine!

Let’s install a turbo-engine to your back and fuel your day with some small tweaks to your daily coffee consumption routine.

But before we do…

We need to debunk a common caffeine myth.

Just because the coffee tastes strong, from a high-quality dark roast, it doesn’t mean you’re getting a higher caffeine intake.

If you’re looking for a strong tasting coffee, just go here and light up your tastebuds.

If you want more caffeine, more fuel, more boost, then…

On your quest to making high caffeine coffee, select the right coffee roast. 

Choose the right roast for high caffeineYou buy your coffee based on light, medium, or dark roasts. You enjoy the taste of one of these more than the others.

The roast type is based on flavor strength. Dark roasts have the boldest taste.

While some stronger darker roasts have higher caffeine, this is not true based on the roasting process alone.

The more you roast a coffee bean, the more the caffeine gets burned off. 

Light roasts don’t taste as strong, but they come with higher caffeine content.

When making high caffeine coffee, choose a high-quality light roast.

Choose a fine grind coffee or grind it yourself.

Grind matters.

When buying ground coffee or whole bean, your coffee should be finely ground. You may need to grind your pre-ground coffee more at home.

The more you grind the coffee, the more the caffeine is extracted from the beans.

This will give you the added benefit of a fresher cup of quality brew.

Take the extra minute and grind your coffee as fine as possible.

Then you’ll want to…

Increase your coffee to water ratio.

Having a bigger cup of coffee doesn’t mean you’ll have a lot more caffeine. The more water you have, the more diluted your coffee becomes.

To extract the most caffeine, increase your coffee to water ratio. Start with two heaping tablespoons per six ounces of coffee grind.

Once you have your ratio dialed in, you’ll then…

Brew your coffee longer.

A drip maker generates the most caffeine because of its longer brewing time of five minutes.

If you prefer a French press, you’ll brew for two to four minutes, which results in lower caffeine.

And if you like an espresso, it has the least caffeine because it’s in water for only 20 to 30 seconds. It’s also a smaller serving size, so it’s more concentrated.

Once you’ve brewed your higher caffeine coffee, you’ll want to…

Help the caffeine do its job with some fat.

High-quality fat from grass-fed butter or ghee helps increase the absorption of caffeine.

An added bonus is the fat tastes DELICIOUS.

When you drink your coffee with healthy fat, you’ll get a stronger effect than having a cup of coffee alone.

To take it to another level, if the coffee is brewed without a paper filter, you’re getting all the beneficial oils from your coffee.

The key to extracting the most caffeine from your coffee, purchase a high-quality coffee, choose a light roast, make it fine grind, increase your coffee to water ratio, brew it longer, and add some quality fat.



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